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About Dr. Pravin Jain

Dr. Pravin B. Jain, Director of HomoeoCARE, a chain of pediatric clinics, has done a phenomenal work in the treatment of children. Inspired by his special interest in Child Psychology, he deals with pediatric cases with much ease. His famous book “Essentials of Pediatrics” has enabled hundreds of homoeopaths all over the world to successfully handle pediatric cases. His professionalism is aptly reflected in his dedication, enthusiasm for homoeopathy and the manner in which he treats his pediatric patients. With consistent clinical success for the last 22 years, he is even becoming increasingly known overseas and is popularly known as homoeopathic pediatrician.

Endowed clinician

Dr. Pravin B. Jain is working exhaustively on disability disorders in children and has got encouraging results in cases of autism, ADHD, dyslexia and learning disability. His expert analysis and accurate diagnosis have given a new life to numerous children and a new lease of life to their suffering parents. These children are now coping up with other normal children and are now a part of the main stream. Also, they are going to normal schools. He has, therefore, touched lives of hundreds of families thus enabling them to experience the winds of change.


He was the faculty member of Predictive Homoeopathy and has been practicing homoeopathy for the last twenty two years. He is a multifaceted personality who has changed the perception of common man towards homoeopathy. He has authored various books:

  1. Essentials of pediatrics

  2. Easy and simple remedy keynotes

  3. Encyclopedia of Mind as it is

  4. Encyclopedia of repertory- part I and part II

  5. Essence of Pediatric Materia Medica

All his books are practical oriented thus making understanding of the complexities of homoeopathy easier and helping homoeopaths to get miraculous results. He conducts special workshops for fresh graduates to gain experience on pediatric case taking. His writings and lectures have benefited hundreds of homoeopaths. His Latest Book ‘Essence of Pediatric MM’ is the most exhaustive book on pediatrics till date in homeopathy.


To replicate the success of his cases, Dr. Pravin planned to start Exclusive chain of pediatric homoeopathic clinics in the name of HomoeoCARE.
The first branch of HomoeoCARE was started in 2006 at Matunga, followed by branches in Chandigarh (2007), Ludhiana (2008), Jallandhar (2008), Panipat (2009), Solan (2009), Patiala (2010), Sirhind (2010), Bhandup (2012), Delhi (2014), Gurgoan (2015), Shimla (2016), Mandi (2016), Amritsar (2016), Hoshiarpur (2016), Dharamshala (2016), where cases are treated bases on his formula for handling children. Each clinic have specially designed Child observation Room (COR) where wide range of toys, games, drawing material etc are kept and the child is free to play with whatever he/she likes. While the child is at his/her best in COR, the doctor on the other hand observes the child through the hidden cameras and notes each and every action and reaction of the child. This helps in understanding the personality and temperament of the child in order to find the right similimum for that child. Many homoeopaths who are worried about their child’s health seek Dr. Jains advice in these clinics, where classical homoeopathy with clinical psychology is at its best. In last 10 years, almost 10 million patients are being treated in his clinics.


As a philanthropist, his trust namely, Sanjeevani Medical Foundation, aims at offering free treatment to the underprivileged section of the society. He is Patron Trustee of The Rajasthan Medical Society and Research Centre, which is running a 150 bedded charitable hospital in Rajasthan. He has organized and conducted numerous camps in different parts of rural India and is contributing to make homoeopathy reach the masses. He says “no one on this earth should be deprived of the benefits of this magnificent science just because he is poor, or lives in a village.”

Technological wizard

Quiet, unassuming and a skillful person that he is, his sound Homoeopathic knowledge coupled with his computer skills have propelled various websites like Predictive homeopathy and IIHP (Mumbai) to great heights. He had conceptualised the famous www.predictivehomeopathy.com, which put Predictive homeopathy into cyberspace and enabled it to cross national and international barriers. He has worked arduously to make homeopathy known to the common man and reach out homeopaths with a vast source of information.

Administrative skill

He has proved his organizational skills by organizing a few of the finest events in homoeopathy where he has managed huge gatherings of more than one thousand people like at Birla Matushree, Kolhapur etc. The prestigious Vigyan Bhavan seminar at New Delhi will be long remembered in the history of homoeopathy in India as for the first time one thousand and four hundred delegates gathered to attend any homoeopathic seminar. He is also the sole guiding pillar for all the national and international level workshops of Predictive Homeopathy held at Mahableshwar.

Truly, Dr. Pravin Jain is a born genius. He is a talented doctor, great author and a competitive technocrat who also has the capability of evaluating uncertain, hazardous and conflicting information. He works enthusiastically for the advancement of Homoeopathy.

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