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Homoeocare is essentially an organization with a heart. The spirit of Homoeocare is one of compassion, sensitivity, and caring.

Homoeocare has been created to reach out to the many children (and families of these children) suffering from allergies and behavioral problems. They are the very reason we exist.

Driven by the conviction that a healthy, happy childhood is the fundamental right of every child, curing these children and leading them back to the mainstream of life is our sacred commitment. Homoeocare is a super specialty pediatric clinic that focuses on eradicating disease from the very root. With our own unique approach to the processes of healing, we strive relentlessly to alleviate the suffering/ helplessness and the anxiety of their families. Only the parents and the family members know the pain when a child suffers from behavioral disorders. They find a positive treatment with homeopathy at Homoeocare.

At Homoeocare, we achieve this by following our own innovative approach. Through judicious application of the principles of classical Homeopathy, we cure from the root, safely and effectively. Accurate diagnosis is facilitated by providing exclusive clinical setup (play area) that leads the child to express her natural personality - central to effective treatment and cure.

Homoeocare is a unique and first of its kind concept based clinic in the entire would. It is a special pediatric homeopathic clinic with unique mechanism for case taking of a child's behaviour. Here, case taking is done in a specially designed room where the child shows his/her natural temperament. This is very vital for pediatric homeopathic treatment, as doctor can observe the child and can treat the child as per his/her physical/mental requirement.

When a child enters the play area he is exposed to various stimulus - like guns, books, cars. Depending on his temperament the child picks up the toy, and the doctor notes this. Further the doctor tries to elicit the reaction of child to harsh stimulus. A harsh stimulus could start with simple stare at the child graduating to a stern look or reprimanding him for an imaginary offence. Different children will react differently to the same stimulus. Some may react by showing a disapproval to the stimulus, some may withdraw, while others may react with angry outbursts. This reaction helps the doctor to understand his temperament.

We at Homoeocare take the basic causes into account and hence try to tackle the problem from all sides. We take a long history, trying to find the constitution of the patients and also the family history. This way we attack the emotional causes and also the hereditary influences. The homeopathic medicines are prescribed so that the the child is free from the clutches of dreaded diseases. Homoeocare goes above and beyond to ensure all patients receive the best care.

Alongside, we lay equal emphasis on our relationships with patients and their families. Homoeocare focuses on the 'person' not just the 'disease'. We believe that caring, trusting relationships play a vital role in the healing process. Compassion, sensitivity and honesty form the essence of our relationships. In our relationships, we forge partnerships. By living this mission every single day, Homoeocare strives to enrich the lives of all stake holders.

Our work itself becomes an expression of our higher motivations and values.

At Homoeocare, we care and we understand.


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